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Online Casino Game For PlayStation And Xbox

Online casino software providers Barriere Interactive Gaming have revealed that they are in the latter stages of producing a new game that will be able to link gaming consoles with online capabilities, such as the PlayStation Portable (PSP) or the Xbox, to online casinos.

This will allow video gamers to play at online casinos via their televisions. The game will be complete by the end of next month; however Microsoft and Sony are yet to give the go-ahead for online gaming to be introduced on their consoles.

One of the main concerns will be minors buying the games – despite most games having an age certificate, realistically there is nothing to stop a 12-year-old playing an 18-rated game that his parents bought him.

Currently online casinos perform background checks on their players, however.

Best Casino News

Japan Set to Enter Online Casino Market

Japan has always been very strict when it comes to gambling – the only legal forms there are horse racing and the state lottery and neither of those carry the allure of online casino.

There are not only no online casinos in Japan, but no live ones either. However, the Japanese government is considering bringing in controlled and heavily-regulated on- and offline gambling as soon as 2010.

What does this mean for the industry? Well, Japan is currently Asia’s richest nation with the highest GDP (gross domestic product) in the Asian continent. In fact, it is thought that their GDP per capita exceeds that of the US. A population of 128m means that Japan could be a big boost to the UK casino market.


Live Online Casino Dealers Becoming More Popular

A new revolution in online gaming began in 2008 and is sure to continue over 2009 – the processes of using live dealers and real cards in an online casino.

One thing that has meant online gaming has not exploded to its full potential is peoples’ natural paranoia – they do not feel they can trust the randomly-generated cards of an online casinos, despite it being a far more random shuffle than anything a real dealer could achieve.

Even though independent checks and reasoned logic mean that the majority of online gambling sites will not be cheating their customers, many people still feel nervous. This is why live video feeds of dealers cutting, shuffling and dealing cards make people feel safer about gambling online.

The exhibition at ICE London recently showed that many online UK casino have developed and improved upon live dealer software. This time next year, it could be the norm.


Online Blackjack Gaming

Blackjack is a popular enjoyable card game. It is popular with players because it is a game of skill and strategy. Players can be as serious about the free bingo as they want to be. They can learn all of the strategy contained in the strategy cards and seriously play for money or they can just play for fun.

If a player is going to play, he should play to win, and this means learning the basic strategy, which is dependent on the number of decks in play and sometimes on the game. Since Blackjack is such a popular game, there are different variations of the game available at UK casino . Players can find the game that contains the features that he likes if he looks around enough.

Between Microgramming, Cryptologic, Playtech and RTG there are forty different games which mix the various features. The only thing the player won’t find is a game where casinos the cards aren’t shuffled before each hand. The closest to not shuffling is a Cryptologic Progressive Multi Hand game where the deck is shuffled after about one third of it has been played.

Players online can also play in blackjack tournaments. Online free casinos offer these tournaments occasionally. If the player wants to pay Blackjack for free, there are a variety of websites that allow him this opportunity. Playing online casino gambling has something for everyone, except card counters.

The basic premise of this online internet blackjack game is that you want to have a hand value that is closer to 21 than that of the dealer, without going over 21. Your blackjack hand is strictly played against the hand of the black jack dealer. The rules of blackjack play for the dealer are strictly dictated, leaving no decisions up to the dealer. Therefore, there is not a problem if anyone at the internet table sees the cards in your hand. Indeed, if you’re playing at a shoe game, the player’s (i.e. your) balckjack cards are all dealt face up. In playing blackjack, the cards are valued as follows: An Ace can count as either 1 or 11. The cards from 2 through 9 are valued as indicated. The 10, Jack, Queen, and King are all valued at 10.