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New, Free Slots Tournament at Online Casino

US-friendly online casino Golden Casino is introducing a weekly slots tournament that is completely free to enter yet carries a prizepool of $1,250.
In addition to this, there is no need to play any series of tournaments to qualify. Simply sign up and compete for your chance at a free $300 prize. Competitions begin on Fridays, running through the weekend until the Monday.

In the grand casino tournament players receive a set amount of credits and have until the Monday to build them up into as much as possible. The current event is being played on Tiki Lounge, one of Golden Casino’s more popular slots games.

The best thing for many is that the site is open to US players, which is welcome relief for them after strict UIGEA laws.

Best Casino News

Strong Regulation Brings Many New Online Casinos to Antigua

The island nation of Antigua and Barbuda is enjoying a boom in its online casino gambling industry. The recent approval by the British Department of Culture, Media, and Sport of the country’s system of regulation and licensing of Internet casinos has caused a number of online gambling operators to make inquiries about locating their businesses in Antigua.

The Antigua Sun reported that the Financial Services Regulatory Commission is estimating a budgetary increase of 100% for the next fiscal year, based on the number of online casinos UK expressing interest. The granting of “white-listing” by the United Kingdom is seen as the dominant factor in the surge. By subjecting themselves to Antiguan regulation, Internet gambling sites now have the ability to advertise in the UK.

White-listing certifies that Antigua applies stringent regulatory measures on Internet gambling operations based in the country, including safe-guarding for age verification, prevention of money laundering, and honest, reliable games and payment systems.

The irony is that the Antiguan economy was dealt a crippling blow by the US government, which banned such operations because of worries about uncontrolled gambling sites. As a result, US patrons are faced with an increasingly unsafe environment for Internet gambling, while Antigua offers exactly the protection customers need.

Kaye McDonald, director of gaming for the Antiguan commission, said the new arrivals would provide needed jobs and revenue for the country. She said that licensing requirements will put the operators of the new grand casino within Antiguan jurisdiction. “Key personnel, key management and key operators are required to be in Antigua and Barbuda. This is of utmost importance.”