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Air Travel and Casino Games

Casinos on Aircrafts

The idea of Casinos on aircrafts is absolutely stunning. Air travel can’t get any better with these exciting and fun-filled games being played while one is on the move. This was attempted before as well, gambling has already been introduced on the long-distance flights and got an overwhelming response. Here are a few important facts and points about the same:

1.Two French aviation designers have finally broken through all the impossibilities and have come up with a way in which air travellers can actually enjoy their flights without having to get bored sitting on cramped seats. Large seating, effective and working casino games and fully fledged bars are considered to be introduced in airplanes.

2.Many say that this move will be a big success story as many travellers now look forward to enjoy their favourite game on the board. Many have shown keen interest in this project but noting official has been quoted so far.

3.It is evident that on long duration flights, even on business class passengers can only drink, eat, watch movies or sleep. But this concept looks to make time pass in a easier and joyful manner and also serve recreational purpose for the travellers.

4.Space inside the airlines is another issue that the developers have to think about. But if the aircrafts are properly designed, they might not have to take any of seating space. An idea that was pointed out was that the social lounge can be at the bottom of the aircraft near the cargo storage.

Such ideas are always welcome as long as they are for the welfare and benefit of the people. This has got potential to expand to every possible long-duration flights. We can only hope that it gets for real and people can enjoy more in mid-air. So the time has come when casino games would fly up in the air which is ure to double the fun and excitement all together.

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The Latest Mobile Casino & Mobile Slots for Everyone

Mobile Casino and Mobile SlotsMobile casino and mobile slots have brought a whole lot of entertainment factor into the smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices that people carry with them everywhere. The mobile versions of their favorite casino games and slot machines have made them and their much loved mobile devices even more inseparable.

The casino games and slot machines that are compatible with mobile devices promise loads of fun and quality time to the device owners with a host of games and different themes. The appeal of the mobile devices with the casino games and slots has improved and players keep searching for new and better games to satisfy their thirst for mobile casino games.

Mobile Casinos compatible with all major smart phones

The mobile casino games and mobile slots are designed so that they are compatible with the operating systems of all the major smart phones including iOS of iPhone and Android and Windows phones too. There are many popular mobile casinos and based on the smart device the most popular ones are listed below:

Mobile Casinos and slots for iPhone, iPad and Android devices include:

  • All Slots Casino
  • Jackpot City Casino
  • Roller casino
  • Casino Tropez
  • Bovada
  • Lady Lucks
  • Bet 365

Great bonus and rewards

Mobile casinos and slots allow players to reap great bonus and rewards in the form of registration bonus, first deposit bonus and even bonus rewards on special occasions, holiday seasons and on the player’s birthday.
The registration bonus available to the players allows them to continue enjoying casino games on their mobile devices without worrying about depositing money. Many of the sites also offer free trial casino games and slots for first time players to enable them to experience the fun filled world of mobile casino games.

Latest graphics to make the experience livelier

The mobile casino games and slot machines offer the best graphics and themes to make the experience of first time players and even regular players memorable. The graphics enhance the complete experience of playing popular mobile casino and mobile slot games in a format especially designed to match smart phones and other mobile devices.

Completely safe and secure

All the sites offering mobile casino games and slots operate on secure platforms and are protected by the latest antivirus and spam ware. They protect the players from any harm while playing games online and the tried and tested systems keep the personal details of the players confidential.

The financial transactions are supported by reliable service providers to ensure that all the details are safe and are kept confidential.

Much more than online casino games and slot machines

The mobile editions of casino games and slot machines offer a much better experience and also enable the players to access the games at their will, anytime, anyplace. The mobile versions are designed to offer better graphics and a lot more variety to make the games more appealing.

Being compatible with all the major smart phones makes them all the more popular with casino games and slot machines lovers.

Thanks to from a casino bonus code hunter I am an author my love for the game is now earning me my livelihood and this is entertaining too. I will be happy to help players with honest and detailed reviews.

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Casino Players: How to Settle Disputes with an Online Casino?

Improving technology has changed the way we function in our daily lives. The internet, perhaps the best invention ever, has changed the way we work, shop, entertain ourselves and even gamble. Online casinos have come a long way and have been able to build a nice following for themselves. Built with state of the art software, these casinos come loaded with enticing games and offer you lots of bonuses.

Casino Players How to Settle DisputesHow an online casino treats its players goes a long way in building its reputation. Since players are generally very vocal about their displeasure and quickly share any particular mistreatment on online forums, most casinos try to ensure that disputes are settled amicably and to the benefit of all parties involved. However, this does not mean that disputes do not take place. Online casino players may usually face issues relating to deposit and withdrawal of monies, claiming of bonuses and ambiguous wagering requirements.

When you choose an online casino to play at, the first thing you should do as a responsible player, is to read all the term and conditions of the casino carefully. This will help you understand everything about the casino and will decrease the likelihood of disputes. When there are no disputes, any casino player online will enjoy the entire gaming experience. In any case, if a dispute does arise, most casinos have a clear and autonomous manner of resolving them.

  • Notify the casino: This is the obvious first step to resolve any disputes. If you have experienced any issues that you are not able to resolve on your own, it is important to take it up with the casino. Every online casino has a support system in place. You can contact their customer support by calling them, raising a ticket, live chat or by emailing to them. Most people prefer emailing because that way they have a written record of what transpired. Be clear in your communication and give a brief background of your dispute before giving details of the dispute itself. Your communication should include your name, your login id, the type of dispute, date and the time when the dispute arose. Also be sure to get a complaint or reference number for your complaint. In case your issue is not resolved immediately, this reference number will help the casino pull up the details of your dispute at any given time. This saves a casino player online and the casino a lot of time and effort.
  • Be polite: When you get in touch with the online casino customer support, make sure that you use a polite tone and are reasonable. Remember that the customer support personnel will try the best to help you within the purview of their knowledge, skills and abilities. They refer to the rules and regulations of the casino when trying to help you, so be patient. This will not only prompt the customer care representative to help more eagerly, but will also get you a friendlier response. If you are not happy with your discussion with the representative, you can ask them to give you the contact details of the casino manager or supervisor. This will help you escalate the matter. If you lose your patience or get rude with the personnel, the casino will simply cancel your account and blacklist you. So it is in your best interest to keep calm.
  • Escalate things: If even after repeated attempts, the casino is not able to resolve the dispute or does not seem interested in assisting you, you can escalate matters and get an outside agency involved. There are a lot of third party settlement agencies that regulate casino disputes. A casino player online may get in touch with the licensors of the online casino. This can really help you expedite things. Some casinos may also employ autonomous auditors such as eCOGRA who help them settle disputes. Before you get in touch with these outside agencies, make sure you obtain all the details of your communications with the casino. If you can, send them the copies of your mails, tickets or chats and the casino’s response to these. The more thorough you are, the more likely is the speedy resolution of your dispute. Once you have got the outside agencies involved, all you can do is to sit and wait. The auditor will take some time to check other variants of such disputes with the casino. They will also inspect some of the audits of the casino and see if this is a regular habit of the casino or yours is a one of a kind dispute.
  • Contact watchdog agencies: Ever since online casinos became popular, a lot of watchdog agencies have come up to check unfair practices by them. Since there are not many rules enforced on online casinos, these watchdog agencies ensure that casinos treat their players fairly and do not cheat or defraud them. Casino Meister is one such agency that has been started by seasoned online casino patrons and legal practitioners. They take up your case in a more compelling manner with the casino. They ensure that any casino player online is notdefrauded by casinos. Other such agencies include Brian Bailey, Better Betting, Online Casino Gambling Watchdog and many others. A casino player online can get a lot of help from these watchdogs. No casino wants to be badmouthed by these watchdogs. In fact, these watchdogs have a lot of successful arbitrations to their credit. So do not lose heart if you are not able to steer your dispute in the desired direction initially. If the casino still does not yield to any arbitration attempts, the watchdog will circulate a public warning against the casino, warning every casino player online to stay away from this casino. This will really hurt the casino’s reputation and online image, and will make a deep dent in its earnings.
  • Take matters in your own hands: In case none of your endeavors seem to work, simply take matters in your own hands. A lot of online forums discuss various casinos and their treatment of their players. A bad review on any of them will damage the casino’s reputation permanently. No casino will really like that. So they will try to resolve the dispute amicably.

Thanks to from a casino bonus code hunter I am an author my love for the game is now earning me my livelihood and this is entertaining too. I will be happy to help players with honest and detailed reviews.

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How To Play Casino Stud Poker

Casino Stud poker is the British version of what is commonly known as Caribbean stud poker. It was dubbed Caribbean stud poker simply because it is a favorite game of vacation-goers on cruise ships and those holidaying in exotic casino in the islands.It is similar to blackjack but many consider it to be more exciting than Blackjack and free bingo because the free casinos payouts are more generous. For instance if you get a straight flush it pays 50 to 1. Even the payout for holding two pairs is quite generous at 2:1.

The casino stud poker games table resembles a blackjack table but the markings on the felt are a little different. There are two circles, one marked raise and the other marked ante. You put your wager in the circle marked ante. The amount you can bet (the minimums and maximums are usually posted at the table).In online casinos the minimum and maximum wagers are usually marked clearly as part of the software. Play opens with the dealer dealing five cards to each player and five cards to himself. The dealer reveals one of his cards to the players. In a live casino game the players examine their hands and make one of two decisions:

After all of the players have decided whether to raise or fold, the dealer turns his other four cards over. The rule of online casino Stud is that the dealer must have an ace-king or better for his hand to qualify. If the dealer’s hand does not qualify, the dealer simply pays out all the players still in the hand their ante stake, at even money, without comparing their actual hands.

Before the deal begins, players must make an initial ante bet in order to be dealt cards. This is placed on a small circle in front of the player and marked for that purpose. When the antes are placed the dealer deals one card to each player’s box and then to themselves, and does this five times. All cards are face down except the fifth card to the dealer. This is left face up for casino all to see. When the deal is finished, players pick up their cards and decide whether they want to play their hand or pass it.

1. If you have a potential winning hand, you signify that you are raising your bet by laying your cards face down in the raise box and place double your initial stake on top of your cards. If your first bet was £10, the raise is £20, making a total of £30 bet.
2. If you feel your hand is likely to be a loser, you signal that you are forfeiting your wager, by pushing your cards towards the dealer.

Online Casino Bodog to Launch Baccarat Contest.

Popular online casino, sportsbetting and poker site Bodog are unveiling a brand new Baccarat contest. The contest will last for four weeks and will pay out well over $3,000.

Every week, a leaderboard will be given – the players who occupy the top 5 spaces in terms of playing casino the most baccarat will win $100. At the end of the four weeks, the top players across the month will win $1,000.

Baccarat is a game whereby players make scores out of their cards, with 2-9 being worth their face value, aces worth 1 point and all other cards worthless. It is the game that James Bond played against the villain in the original Ian Fleming novelisation of Casino Royale.

Millionaire Online Casino Invites High Rollers And US Players

The name says it all – Millionaire Casino is the place to come to if your pockets are full of cash and your heart is full of gamble. Even if you couldn’t guess from the name; the high-quality graphics and plush appearance of the virtual casino makes it clear that the site means top dollar.

The site offers a $1,000 matching bonus of 100% over the first three deposits made. The online casino also gives each player up to $750 a week with matches of 25% on Monday deposits, 50% cash bonuses on Wednesday and 100% on Friday. Returning players receive a loyalty bonus of 5% a month up to $100.

The site is more than happy to accept US players which will no doubt please those frustrated by the UIGEA. Vegas Technology, a well-regarded industry leader, power the excellent software.

One regular player says, ‘I love playing at Millionaire! I still play small stakes, but it makes me feel like a Vegas big shot to be playing in the high roller area. If I ever have the funds to make big plays, there’s no doubt this is where I’m going.’

Online Casino Gambling New Look

If you are a beginner in the field of casino online gambling, a several questions may definitely come into your mind. The questions may be based on the software used in casino gambling, the support offered by the online casino, the terms and conditions, and the security of the casino. Others questions may include the gaming strategies, the payment mode and the online help forums. You can find all the answers from top casino gambling sites or the consultants through emails or live chat.

The casino online software includes the main players such as the micro gambling, real time gambling, cryptology gambling and playtech. The online casino gambling that utilizes any of these software players possess a high standard. Usually, the online casino gambling offers excellent customer support of 24/7 and this is the main point of their success in the online world. The online casino gambling arranges for secured and reliable payment modes to ensure the benefits of the customers.

Another important and main consideration is the types of games a person needs to select. There are wide choices of online casino gambling and the choice of game needs to be completely personal. However, the person needs to understand his or her skill before the selection of the game level.

Most top casino gambling sites offer free play for a certain period for the beginners. This is really a great choice for the beginner to get adjusted and know one’s skill.

Avoid using Casino Credit

Casinos offer an option named Casino Credit to use instead of money for the gaming in the casino. Lots of casino games like poker, roulette, blackjack are available for gambling so to attract more people they give casino credit. They are not giving the real money but as markers to deal the bet of the game. Casino credit was set up to help people lengthen their stays in casino destinations or to help them build up or regain their finance from a losing play. It is for those who could return the money in return of the markers to the casino.

Players should remember this notice “Don’t use casino credit; if you do, it’ll be due before you have time to go home and assess the damage.” it is in all the ways true. People would create casino credit on a coincidence and several times exclusive of the objective of its use. But when all the money in hand is lost the player remember that they have the credit to carry it and will certainly wind up in the casino credit office. Keep in mind, having the credit and having the cash are two dissimilar things. When the player uses the money from the casino credit to play more at their tables, he should return the money back soon after returning home. It is not a matter of concern for the casinos that how the player emerge with the cash as all the money had lost in their online casino. The most terrible thing is that players will find quite a little of money and putting their money apart and play on the casino’s money which is their winnings. This happens not often. By understanding their progress of good luck and play smart by putting their cash back into the pocket and prolong with their gaming on the casino’s money is the sensible play.

Instead, many players gamble on the casino’s money called a marker, being a gambling-rescue tool. Once you get the first one it is easy to opt for another one and soon forget that the word cash is stick to its reverse side. Players should practice self-control never to poise the inside of casino credit office. May be this is one of the reasons that many players opt for online casino gambling. There is no casino credit office in online gambling and players can set their own gambling limits. With the use of credit card you can obtain a casino credit in online gaming. Depending on the casino’s policy casino markers will be deposited in 5-30 days but in online gaming nobody will call in on within a matter of days.

Gambling is done in both online casinos UK and in land based casinos. In both gaming whether you gamble with your own money or casino’s money the important thing you have to play with thorough knowledge of the game and with sensible tactics. There is no need to play anxiously in a brick and mortar casino and start to use casino credit as the player has an amazing opportunity to internet gambling. As in online gaming the casino never closes hence any one at any time can access this option to attain profits when the play favors.